5 Reasons Investing In Video Is Important

Budgets are tight and you’re focusing on being as strategic as possible with all of your marketing efforts. As a decision maker it’s your responsibility to show results for all expenditures and it’s most difficult to provide that ROI for marketing initiatives. This is why it’s so common to shy away from the perceived expense of video content. In this day and age however, putting off the proper investment in video can be a big mistake disguised as a responsible budget decision. Here are 5 reasons investing in video is more important than any other marketing elements you invest in:

  1. A picture tells a thousand words but video tells one million – The famous saying goes that images communicate much more information than written content can. Our brains learn and retain higher quantities of information through visual cues than words alone. Similarly, audiences can learn more quickly and efficiently through video than through photos or written content. The combination of sight, sound and language make it possible to communicate more information in less time through video. If your product or service is new or complicated, this becomes even more imperative.
  2. Clarity of messaging – Sometimes it’s challenging to communicate effectively and efficiently through written content. Not to mention attention spans may not last through your written piece. Words can be misinterpreted and it’s almost possible to communicate the proper tone. These challenges are eliminated through video. The audience can hear your tone, see your expressions and much more. This makes it possible for your audience to get to know you and understand what it is you’re trying to offer in a short amount of time. Whiteboard videos are a prime example. 
  3. Build a strong bond with your audience – It’s infinitely easier to form a meaningful relationship with a new friend through in-person quality time in comparison to emails. Similarly, in business, your goal is to form strong relationships with your target audience in order to gain their trust and turn them into paying customers. If your marketing efforts are limited to written content your customers will struggle to form an emotional bond with you and will be slower to trust your offering. Through consistent video content your audience will feel as if they know you and will be more likely to purchase. Think about it in the context of your favorite actors on TV. After seeing them in your living room each night you feel as if you know them. Your video content will have a similar effect on your audience.
  4. Lay the foundation for all other marketing efforts – Picture your video content as the center of your marketing strategy. Video content can be used to clearly communicate your product, services, values and more. For example, if you have a new widget that is about to launch next month a high-quality product video that explains all the features of the new widget sits at the core of the campaign. Teaser videos, influencer content, photo content, blog posts, press releases, interviews and more all work to support and build off of this main piece that perfectly represents your new widget. Video communicates the unique tone and personality behind your product.
  5. Grow confidence among customer base – Investing in and distributing video content to your audience immediately tells them that you’re serious about your product or service. It shows your potential customers that you are fully committed to your business and will be here for many years to come. Businesses that don’t put in the effort to create high quality video content are sending the message that they are not fully invested in their field. Whether you outsource to a video agency or create your own video content in-house, you’re letting customers know that you’re investing in them and want to build a more personal, face-to-face relationship.


Next time you launch a product, start a business or want to enhance brand awareness, be sure to not only include video in your budget but make it the core of your strategy. It doesn’t have to gobble up your whole budget. There are many ways to reduce cost through in-house content creation. For more advice on video strategy reach out to hello@2020-la.com.