5 Ways healthcare Companies Can Improve Patient Experience Through Video

Healthcare is one of the most confusing topics of our time. As a customer it’s a headache. We all pray for a clean bill of health not just to feel good but so we can avoid the hassle of healthcare paperwork and doctors visits. The healthcare process from start to finish has become a daunting and cold process. Luckily easy video content solutions can soften the blow for patients. Here are 5 ways healthcare companies can improve patient experience through video:

  1. Add a human touch to a scary, stressful process – Ideally we would all have ample time with a healthcare representative to walk us patiently through the process of paperwork, finding a doctor or understanding our bills. Unfortunately this is not possible. So as patients we find ourselves wading through confusing instructions, website and bills for hours. Part of this hassle can be eliminated or at least softened through short video pieces. For example, in the patient portal, a kind welcoming video message that briefly explains how a customer can find the section or help they are looking for. Video tips may also be useful in reference to common paperwork issues, how to find a doctor or how to read a statement. These videos will not be able to solve all of a customer’s problems but this type of content is a great way to ease the strain of an otherwise notoriously unpleasant process and will show customers that the company cares. 
  2. Clarify the user experience – I think we can all agree that healthcare can be quite confusing. For the most common trouble areas or points of frequent customer concern, simple videos featuring an actual human would be a great way to clarify how to complete a certain task. Even if the video doesn’t perfectly address each patient’s circumstance, the human touch is sure to be appreciated.
  3. Provide preventative care – There are countless ways in which we can all lead healthier lives and therefore experience fewer illnesses. Unfortunately many people do not have the resources or consistent contact with their doctor to learn easy ways in which to improve their health or look out for warning signs of illness. Video content is a great way to provide patients with easy tips on how to stay healthy or look out for early warning signs of an issue.
  4. Foster trust and confidence – In general, providing customers with useful video content throughout the patient journey will foster greater trust. They will feel more cared for and confident in the service you provide and remain part of your network as long as they can. Just as with any other product or service, going the extra mile to reach out to your customers and make them feel valued will be rewarded with brand loyalty. Even if the video does not answer their specific question, the content will give them hope that there is a caring person on the other side of the screen who is happy to help. 
  5. Announcements –  Paper announcements are so 1900’s…not to mention wasteful. For general announcements of new products, services, events, programs, or locations, video is the most effective way to spread awareness. It also gives you another opportunity to build a bond between your brand and the customer, especially if the video features an actual person speaking to camera. 

The first step in creating quality video content is making sure that you are providing content of value above all else, otherwise it isn’t worth the time or monetary investment. The second priority that is just as important is to make sure to distribute it strategically. Putting your video content on YouTube is not a strategy. Your videos must be where your customers will see them. Healthcare customers aren’t going to go over to your Youtube channel or Facebook page for fun. 99% of the time your customers will interact with your brand on your website when they are looking for a doctor, are new to your services or if they are trying to understand their policy. So put your video content there and make sure that it is addressing their needs. In some other cases, such as announcements, distributing content via email to customers can be a great way to grab their attention in a more personal way. 

How else do you use video to improve your customers’ experience with your brand?