How To Build Up Your Own Content Team

If you know that your brand will benefit from consistent creation of video content then it may be time to build up your own content team. If you’re constantly faced with the decision of spending a chunk of your budget on video but can’t quite afford it then it will be wise to dedicate in-house resources to this area of your marketing strategy. Large global brands with sizable budgets tend to outsource video services because it streamlines their team and allows them to cut down the number of tasks on their to-do lists. Medium to small companies however are a different case. With tighter budgets yet equal need for video it makes sense to bring on what we at 2020 call “predators” – a person that has camera, sound, lighting, editing and producing skills all wrapped up into one. Predators are like unicorns; hard to find but magical if you can bring one onto your team.

Hire a Predator

If you can hire this one full-time employee to do the work that it would take an entire crew to accomplish then you will be saving money and creating much more content on demand. With your own predator you can easily produce social content, training videos, and other simple single camera work. Obviously even though these predators have heaps of talent and skill you will need to outsource for bigger projects or continue to bring on more talent in-house.

It’s difficult to find this type of talent. These unicorns usually don’t go through recruiting agencies, LinkedIn and other professional platforms. It takes a lot of asking around and luck to find such people but once you find one or two predators they tend to hang out with other equally talented artists and a snowball effect begins.

Creativity + Organization = Magic

If you’re looking to build your own content team the most important qualities to look for are overall organization, time management, creativity, and a calm demeanor. With this type of work it’s challenging to find such humans that have both bold creativity along with organization and time management. If you find one, hang on to them forever.

The Killer Talent Combo

Ideally you will want one predator, one photographer, one writer and a project manager. This foursome will cover all of the essentials when it comes to content creation. If you don’t already have a social media manager you will be wise to add this person to the mix unless you outsource your social accounts to an agency. There are some fantastic agencies out there that can make a big impact on your social footprint but you may choose to keep this job in house for closer monitoring. In that case, your 4 person content team plus the social media manager will be able to take any brief that you give them and come up with loads of quality content consistently.

Factor in Equipment

The last element you will need to consider when you build your own content team is equipment. When you bring these people in-house, they need the right cameras, software, lighting and sound equipment in order to get the job done right. Factoring in this expense along with salaries will help you determine which situation works best for your company; in-house vs outsource your content team.

At the end of the day it’s all about what you make of your particular situation. If you decide to build your own content team be sure that you will have the time to lead the group to success. You don’t want to go through all the trouble of lobbying your boss to hire new people and then find you don’t have the time to lay out a strategy for them and use them to their full potential. If time is an issue it may be best to outsource and keep things simple. However, having your own in-house content team can be magical, ultra creative and efficient if done correctly.

Do you have your own content team or do you outsource?